Feedback: the last presentation session

Last week we had two more presentations: LMS (Learning Management Systems) and PLE (Personal Learning Environment). It actually turned out that LMS and PLE were two modern terms for things that we all know and use everyday. Thus, we found out that many universities in Germany work with three main LMS platforms: Blackboard, CommSy and Moogle. For instance, an example of a Blackboard-based LMS platform is STiNE. Uni Hamburg also offers several CommSy pages for different faculties (during the excercise we tried out the CommSy service of the math faculty).

The second presentation about PLE was much shorter, but very entertaining due to two videos that the group had prepared.   

Unfortunately we haven’t managed to present our “masterpiece”. On one hand, it’s a pity because Selma and I have invested time & efforts in preparing the slides and the videos and we do like the final version of our presentation; but on the other hand there have been some difficulties in organizing the “male” part of our group. As a result, we found out that we had a new guy in the group…one day before the presentation deadline! It was very surprising because of the fact that this person had never worked with us in class and had also never introduced himself to Selma or me/ or never contacted us. Therefore, our guys did some work that wasn’t really coordinated with us and wasn’t big help:(…  

Video editing software

Ralf has just asked me to share the results of my today’s software research:). The program I’ve used is a DVD Ripper 2.82 that can be found at The unregistered version (a “free trial”) allows converting a whole DVD or its certain chapters into such formats, as AVI, WMV etc; however the editing extracts length can’t be longer as 5 minutes. Unlimited options are of course available in case that the full version is purchased.  

Making of: first troubles

Well, today I’ve definitely experienced the first disadvantage of eLearning: it requires specific hardware and software. As I’ve already mentioned, my task is to edit the films Selma and I have made; it means I have to convert them in a suitable video fomat and to cut out the parts we don’t want to use. Problem No. 1: my camcorder works with mini-DVD format and not with a hard-disc; that’s why I could not just erase the “defected” chapters of our films. Therefore, I’ve spent almost 5 hours in the web, downloading and trying out different DVD-editing software types. Problem No. 2: it’s really hard to find such a software! Most of them were either only for purchase (20 euro and more!) or did not function!

Finally I’ve found one and have just finished editing our videos. It was a long-long day…

Tasks 3/4 and Our Presentation: Pilates vs. Learning English.

Unfortunately I have missed the deadline for the 3d task which was to choose one of 16 pictures with different motives. This should have helped us to split up into 4 groups (I guess in this way one could have found people with similar interests or at least preferences). I would have chosen picture number 8 and would therefore belong to the nature-group. But as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve missed the deadline for the task and have then got a “vacancy” from Ralf in the sports-group (what I actually don’t regret:)).

Now, Ralf gave every group a certain task for the project work and ours is CBT vs. WBT (computer-based training vs. web-based training). It took us a couple of sessions to find the definitions & other informations and to sum up our opinions about both technologies. It’s time to make a presentation out of it in order to clear it up for the rest of the group.

Well, we have found a nice concept for our presentation: in order to make it visually comprehensible for the rest of the class we have decided to include small amounts of text (with definitions and key words) and two films illustrating the main features of CBT and WBT and the difference between them.

Selma visited me on Wednesday and we started working at our films. It was much fun and we did our best but there is still a lot of work left: my task is to edit the films (i hope i will find a possibility to cut them!), Selma is editing the texts and Simon has to take care of the slides…  

Our Presentation: The First Steps

Now we have managed to sum up our thoughts and opinions about CBT and WBT; therefore, we have come to the conclusion that a combination of CBT and WBT, using the advantages of them both, might be the system of the future. Still i feel like my views somehow differ from the views of my colleagues because i come from a country where internet and things connected with it are just not taken for granted. I know that it’s quite a different attitude that German people have, because that grow up in a technically developed environment and such modern facilities as internet, flatrates etc are a part of their everyday routine…

Well, the conclusions have been made but still i’m not sure what our presentation will look like. I hope i won’t forget the sample CD for tomorrow.